Prevent Cottonwood Protection

Prevent is specially designed to trap cottonwood seeds, bugs to any other airborne debris before entering the HVAC equipment, A/C units, cooling towers and chillers. The Prevent media is fastened to the outside of the unit, when the unit is running it pulls the media tight to keep debris from entering the coils keeping them safe and clean. The additional protection that Prevent adds longer life to your metal washable, pleated or electrostatic filters. Prevent media will keep your units running efficiently and without failure. Prevent is made to order in any size and any shape and the best part is it is made in the USA! Prevent is easy to clean it can be brushed off, vacuumed off, sprayed off or easily removed and washed. The media mounts in two style our standard mount clips with self-tapping stainless-steel screws or our patented MagnaMount clip. With the fastest turn around time in the industry and a 5-year warranty you can have your equipment protected in no time!

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